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The massive tornadoes that swept through Oklahoma on Monday made parts of the Oklahoma suburbs look as if God took a giant eggbeater or weed-whacker to the area. Wherever the tornadoes touched down, nothing remained standing. In a day marked by destruction and death, however, nothing was more tragic than the deaths of nine children, seven of them at Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore, Oklahoma.

On the very evening of the tornadoes, as people were still sorting through the wreckage to find both the living and the death, the infamous Westboro Baptist Church (“WBC”) sent out a tweet praising God for the tornadoes and announcing that it would protest the victims’ funerals. Mr. Conservative has learned from a source that the WBC is especially intent upon picketing the funeral services for the children who died at Plaza Towers Elementary School.
People of goodwill across the political spectrum are united in their agreement that WBC is a “hate group,” and that’s true no matter how one defines the notion. The chief focus of their hostility is homosexuality, but they are also wildly anti-Semitic and racist against all non-white groups.

The only reason this small, distasteful band of people has any name recognition at all is because craves publicity and learned that it could get by picketing funerals. WBC members have traveled throughout America picketing the funerals. They started with the funerals of gay people, or people who died of AIDS, but eventually made a spectacle of themselves at whatever funerals they thought would get them the most media attention.

It’s gotten to the point that, whenever there is a newsworthy death, whether it’s Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs, or the children at Sandy Hook, the church announces that it will be there picketing. When the Tucson shooting took place, killing six and injury several others, including Senator Gabby Gifford, the group announced that it would picket the funeral of 9-year-old Christina Green. The Arizona legislature responded with an emergency bill banning protests within 300 feet of a funeral service.

During the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, WBC increased its profile by protesting the funerals of troops who died in Iraq and Afghanistan. The group routinely showed up at these funerals carrying signs such as “God hates fags” and “Think God for dead soldiers.” Many states were forced to pass legislation similar to that passed in Arizona, in order to protect the mourners from the ugly sight of WBC members standing nearby with hate signs.


Given its penchant for seizing upon newsworthy events as focuses for its protests, it’s scarcely surprising that the WBC latched onto the tragedy in Oklahoma. In addition to the ominous tweets, this foul excuse for a religious organization also posted on its blog a lengthy, only-marginally-coherent article conveying its absolute delight about the tornadoes:

“We pray for your destruction. We pray for God to send tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis … whirlwinds of every form and size … to slaughter you malicious, violent americans. And when our Father answers our prayers by dropping a relentless torrent on the vile citizens of Oklahoma … we rejoice and wash our “feet in the blood of the wicked”. (Psalms 58:10) That simply means that we are fully refreshed at the very thing you find most calamitous!”

“So, as we look upon Oklahoma … filled with the terror that only a Sovereign God can bring with His whirlwinds … we are again refreshed that He heard our prayer and showed Himself strong for his people. We say with energetic joy: “Thank God for the Oklahoma tornado, and the dead rebels, one and all!”

WBC members are no strangers to children’s funerals in Oklahoma. In 2010, these parasites embarked upon a concerted effort to protest at children’s funerals in Oklahoma to retaliate for the fact that their tires were slashed when they protested at a serviceman’s funeral in McAlester, Oklahoma.

Back then, reported KTUL.com, WBC’s venom towards the innocent children of Oklahoma was both staggering and sickening:

On the WBC website, members say they are protesting because of the vandalism they suffered over the weekend while protesting at the funeral of McAlester serviceman Jason McCluskey.

They say quote “the Lord curses them by killing Oklahoma’s children and casting them into Hell.” Furthermore, their website reads “Thank God For More Dead Children In Oklahoma!”