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wellness_junkies_inherit_the_earth(1)There are a number of happenings that could radically reduce the population of the earth, from those things way outside human control like an asteroid, to those much more within our control like nuclear war. When we look at all of those scenarios, which is the most likely?

From the latest research it seems likely that superbugs (antibiotic resistant microbes) pose the greatest immediate threat. Microorganisms like MRSA are thriving in current conditions where we are overusing antibiotics in ourselves and our animals thereby killing off all the helpful microbes that keep the pathogens in check, selectively encouraging the proliferation of the bad guys.

Humans have faced these sort of microbial threats before, from the ‘Black Death’ of the mid 14th century to the 1918 Flu Pandemic, which both killed millions of people worldwide. In the 20th century, as a species, we made massive strides against combating communicable disease through nutrition, sanitation and medical interventions, but now we are potentially facing an even bigger threat. As the Deputy Director of the CDC said ‘We have reached the end of antibiotics. Period.’

The most interesting question to ask in all of this is often not asked. Why didn’t everyone die? What was it about some people that allowed them to live on in the face of these great pandemics?

Let’s imagine a likely scenario. A new superbug appears and it is devastating. No antibiotics work. No vaccines can be made in time. It is human vs. microbe. Who survives and inherits the earth?

  1. Those with an impeccable “terrain” – It is becoming more and more clear that our individual biological terrain is affecting our health potential through epigenetics (control above genes). If you are a ‘wellness junkie’ you are likely developing a healthy terrain through eating whole foods, reducing exposure to toxic influences, controlling your stress and honoring your microbial friends.
  2. Those with a finely honed placebo response – Personally, I have had great success with homeopathy my whole life. There are those that would say ‘it is just placebo’, but that confuses the value of it. The placebo effect is awesome, nature’s most powerful pharmacy. The more of it we can produce the better and those of us who have consistently engaged that placebo response have an 18-80% chance of getting better with no medicine.
  3. Those with natural immune boosting tools – If you are a regular reader of GreenMedInfo, you already know there are countless herbs, spices, foods, broths, nutrients and other substances and techniques to improve your immune system and support your body in fighting off the microbes.

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